Pactum de Quota Litis

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charter of core principles of the european legal profession and code of conduct for european lawyers

Edition 2013

3.3. Pactum de Quota Litis
3.3.1. A lawyer shall not be entitled to make a pactum de quota litis.
3.3.2. By “pactum de quota litis” is meant an agreement between a lawyer and the
client entered into prior to final conclusion of a matter to which the client is a
party, by virtue of which the client undertakes to pay the lawyer a share of the
result regardless of whether this is represented by a sum of money or by any
other benefit achieved by the client upon the conclusion of the matter.
3.3.3. “Pactum de quota litis” does not include an agreement that fees be charged in
proportion to the value of a matter handled by the lawyer if this is in accordance with
an officially approved fee scale or under the control of the Competent
Authority having jurisdiction over the lawyer.

Suomen AA-liiton palkkio-ohjesääntö viim. muut. 11.6.2010

1.5 Pactum de quota litis ja pactum de palmario
Jos on erityistä aihetta, voidaan palkkio sopia etukäteen määräosaksi siitä, mitä tehtävällä asiakkaalle saavutetaan (pactum de quota litis), tai tehdä sopimus erityisen hyvityksen maksamisesta asianajajalle siinä tapauksessa, että tarkoitettu tulos saavutetaan (pactum de palmario).


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